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Reaching Beyond Physical IT: Explore the Power of Virtualization in Enterprise Computing

As today's CIOs and IT managers rise to the challenge of using their enterprise computing infrastructure as cost-effectively as possible while remaining responsive in supporting new business initiatives and flexible in adapting to organizational changes, Virtualization has become more and more important. A fundamental technological innovation that allows skilled IT managers to deploy creative solutions to such business challenges, Virtualization is a methodology whose time has come. The fast-emerging age of Grid Computing is enabling the virtualization of distributed computing, of IT resources such as storage, bandwidth, and CPU cycles. But Virtualization can also apply to a range of system layers, including hardware-level virtualization, operating system level virtualization, and high-level language virtual machines.

In short, Virtualization is fast becoming a key requirement for every server in the data center, enabling workloads such as server consolidation, efficient software development and testing, resource management for dynamic data centers, application re-hosting and compatibility, and high-availability partitions.

SOA World Conference & Expo's Virtualization Forum will be the leading event covering the booming market of Virtualization for the enterprise.

Speakers include:

  • Jeffrey M. Nick, SVP and CTO, EMC
  • David Greschler, Director of Virtualization Strategy, Microsoft Corp.
  • Dr. Hal Stern, Engineer and VP, Sun Microsystems
  • Kevin Epstein, VP Products, Scalent
  • Andrew Hillier, CTO and Co-Founder, CiRBA
  • Bob Lozano, Co-Founder and Chief Strategist, Appistry
  • Alessandro Perilli, Evangelist, Technical Chair
  • Matt Quinn, SVP of Product Strategy, TIBCO
  • Alex Vasilevsky, Co-Founder, Virtual Iron Software
  • Roland Wartenberg, Director Virtualization Strategy, SAP
  • Jack Zubarev, Founder & COO, SWsoft
    Plus more...
Topics will include:

  • Hosted Virtualization
  • Para-virtualization
  • Virtualization Hardware Support
  • Hardware-level Virtualization
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Virtualization for Server Consolidation and Containment
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Windows Virtualization
  • Utility Computing
  • and more...

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The conference program will provide comprehensive information and insight into the wide spanning worlds of SOA, Web Services and Enterprise Open Source.
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Also this year, not only will you be able view all of the conference sessions by accessing the on-demand archives, but you will also be able to ask follow-up questions and interact with faculty members while doing so.

Jeffrey M. Nick, CTO of EMC

Services Oriented Infrastructure in a Web2.0, Virtualized World
Keynote: Tuesday, June 26th - 7:30 AM - 8:15 AM

The confluence of several mature architectural paradigms with new user-centric paradigms will drive the next generation of IT. Next generation IT will be based on the combination of model-driven architecture and service-oriented architecture applied to applications, information delivery, and IT resources alike. The agility gained in IT infrastructure coupled with highly configurable, lightweight, 'last mile' visualization technologies will dramatically increase the relevance and reactivity of IT to the business. By applying these architectures, technologies and open standards to the problems faced by IT we can focus on qualities of service delivery of IT in support of business value. At the end of this keynote presentation by the CTO of EMC, you will
Understand the impact of service orientation on IT infrastructure
Understand the relevant architectures, technologies and standards
Discover the approaches for utilization of these tools and their importance to the business

David Greschler, Director of Virtualization Strategy,
Microsoft Corp.

Keynote: Tuesday, June 26th - 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM

David Greschler is the director of virtualization strategy, System Center division at Microsoft Corp. Greschler is a director of System Center marketing, and is focused on virtualization management tools for the desktop and datacenter. Greschler came to Microsoft with the July 2006 acquisition of Softricity. Prior to joining Microsoft, Greschler was co-Founder of Softricity, developers of SoftGrid and the originator and leading vendor of the application virtualization industry. With more than 20 years of pioneering experience in the computer field, Greschler has held various positions at the MIT Media Lab and The Computer Museum, and holds numerous virtualization patents.

Dr. Hal Stern, Distinguished Engineer & VP,
Global Systems Engineering, Sun

Introductory Keynote

Keynote: Monday, June 25th - 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM

In his more than 13 years with Sun, Stern has been Chief Technology Officer, Sun Services; Chief Architect of Sun Professional Services; CTO for the Sun ONE (iPlanet) infrastructure products division and the Chief Technologist of Sun's Northeast US Sales Area. He has done architecture, performance and reliability work for Major League Baseball, mlb.com, several financial information and transaction clearing networks, and defined next-generation interactive services as part of Sun's technology partnership with the National Hockey League. He is listed as inventor or co-inventor on three networking technology patents and has co-authored technical books on networking and high availability techniques. Before joining Sun, Stern developed molecular modeling software for a Boston area start-up company and was on the research staff at Princeton University.

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2007 Conference Track Chair

Alessandro Perilli operates as an evangelist in Virtualization industry since 2003, with its popular blog virtualization.info. As Industry Analyst his work is mostly focused in observing and reporting on new and ongoing market trends, maintaining a tight relationship with consolidated vendors and emerging startups.

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